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Cold and Ultracold Molecules

Theory of Cold and Ultracold Molecules at Durham University

Research group led by Jeremy M. Hutson


  • Ruth Le Sueur (2008-)
  • Matthew Frye (2016-)
  • German Sinuco-Leon (2020-)
  • Bijit Mukherjee (2020-)

Graduate students:

  • Robert Bird (2021-)

Undergraduate project students:

  • None in 2021-22

Past group members:

Post-docs and Visiting Faculty:

  • Sudhir Jain (post-doc 1988-91; now at Aston University)
  • Marie-Lise Dubernet (post-doc 1989-93; now at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris)
  • Andreas Ernesti (research fellow 1992-95)
  • Richard J. Wheatley (research fellow 1992-93; lecturer 1993-95; now at the University of Nottingham)
  • Mark M. Law (post-doc 1993-95; now at the University of Aberdeen)
  • Keith M. Atkins (post-doc 1994-96; now at SmartLogik, Cambridge)
  • Christine F. Roche (post-doc 1994-97)
  • Markus Meuwly (research fellow 1998-2000; now at the University of Basel)
  • Stuart C. Althorpe (post-doc 1998-99, then Royal Society University Research Fellow; now at the University of Cambridge)
  • Pavel Soldán (post-doc 2000-05; now at the Charles University, Prague)
  • Subhas Ghosal (post-doc 2007-08; now at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad)
  • Jesus Aldegunde (post-doc 2007-09; now at the University of Salamanca)
  • Piotr S. Żuchowski (post-doc 2007-10; now at the University of Toruń)
  • Daniel A. Brue (post-doc 2010-12; now at IBM (East Fishkill, NY))
  • Maykel Leonardo González-Martínez (visitor 2006-09; post-doc 2010-13; now a Marie Curie Fellow in Paris)
  • George C. McBane (Visiting Professor 2012-13; permanent faculty at Grand Valley State University, Michigan)
  • Jesse Lutz (post-doc 2011-14; now at Air Force Institute of Technology)
  • Dermot Green (post-doc 2013-16; now at Queen’s University Belfast)
  • Masato Morita (post-doc 2013-16)
  • Christophe Vaillant (post-doc 2014-16; now at the Electric Ant Lab)
  • Ting Xie (post-doc 2015-16; now at CNRS, Paris)
  • Baochun Yang (postdoc 2017-19; now at Shaanxi Normal University)
  • Tijs Karman (postdoc 2017-18; now at Radboud University)

Graduate students:

  • Adam R. Cooper (graduate student 1989-92; now at Tribal Group)
  • Abi J. Dobbyn (graduate student 1990-93; subsequently post-doc at University of Birmingham)
  • Alice E. Thornley (now Swinburn) (graduate student 1991-94; now with RM)
  • Malcolm B. Weaver (graduate student 1990-96; now with Medidata Solutions)
  • Robert Bryan (graduate student 1994-97)
  • Nicholas J. Wright (graduate student 1995-98; subsequently post-doc at University of Illinois; now at NERSC at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  • Joanna M. M. Howson (graduate student 1996-99; now at Cambridge Cardiovascular, University of Cambridge)
  • Marko T. Cvitaš (graduate student 2001-05; subsequently Research Fellow at University of Cambridge; now at the Institute Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb)
  • Hong Ran (Tracy Ran) (visiting graduate student 2009)
  • Musie Beyene (graduate student 2005-10)
  • Alisdair Wallis (graduate student 2006-09, post-doc 2010; subsequently post-doc at University of British Columbia and University College London; now working in the Commercial Science team at Tesco)
  • James Croft (graduate student 2008-12, subsequently post-doc at the University of Colorado; now at University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
  • Maja Lenz (Erasmus student 2014-15; now at Fritz-Haber Institute, Berlin)
  • Caroline Blackley (graduate student 2011-15)
  • Matthew Frye (graduate student 2012-16)

The group is part of the Quantum Light and Matter Group at Durham University.

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