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Cold and Ultracold Molecules

Theory of Cold and Ultracold Molecules at Durham University

Research group led by Jeremy M. Hutson


  • Ruth Le Sueur (2008-)

Graduate students:

  • Matthew Frye (2012-)
  • Daniel Owens (2014-)

Undergraduate project students:

  • Ashley Corke (2016-17)
  • John Reddel (2016-17)

Past group members:

  • Sudhir Jain (post-doc 1988-91; now at Aston University)
  • Marie-Lise Dubernet (post-doc 1989-93; now at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris)
  • Andreas Ernesti (research fellow 1992-95)
  • Richard J. Wheatley (research fellow 1992-93; lecturer 1993-95; now at the University of Nottingham)
  • Mark M. Law (post-doc 1993-95; now at the University of Aberdeen)
  • Keith M. Atkins (post-doc 1994-96; now at SmartLogik, Cambridge)
  • Christine F. Roche (post-doc 1994-97)
  • Markus Meuwly (research fellow 1998-2000; now at the University of Basel)
  • Stuart C. Althorpe (post-doc 1998-99, then Royal Society University Research Fellow; now at the University of Cambridge)
  • Pavel Soldán (post-doc 2000-05; now at the Charles University, Prague)
  • Subhas Ghosal (post-doc 2007-08; now at BITS Pilani, Hyderabad)
  • Jesus Aldegunde (post-doc 2007-09; now at the University of Salamanca)
  • Piotr S. Żuchowski (post-doc 2007-10; now at the University of Toruń)
  • Daniel A. Brue (post-doc 2010-12; now at IBM (East Fishkill, NY))
  • Maykel Leonardo González-Martínez (visitor 2006-09; post-doc 2010-13; now a Marie Curie Fellow in Paris)
  • George C. McBane (Visiting Professor 2012-13; permanent faculty at Grand Valley State University, Michigan)
  • Jesse Lutz (post-doc 2011-14; now at Air Force Institute of Technology)
  • Dermot Green (post-doc 2013-16; now at Queen’s University Belfast)
  • Masato Morita (post-doc 2013-16)
  • Christophe Vaillant (post-doc 2014-16; now at University of Cambridge)
  • Ting Xie (post-doc 2015-16)
  • Adam R. Cooper (graduate student 1989-92; now at Tribal Group)
  • Abi J. Dobbyn (graduate student 1990-93; subsequently post-doc at University of Birmingham)
  • Alice E. Thornley (now Swinburn) (graduate student 1991-94; now with RM)
  • Malcolm B. Weaver (graduate student 1990-96; now with Medidata Solutions)
  • Robert Bryan (graduate student 1994-97)
  • Nicholas J. Wright (graduate student 1995-98; subsequently post-doc at University of Illinois; now at NERSC at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  • Joanna M. M. Howson (graduate student 1996-99; now at Cambridge Cardiovascular, University of Cambridge)
  • Marko T. Cvitaš (graduate student 2001-05; subsequently Research Fellow at University of Cambridge; now at the Institute Ruđer Bošković, Zagreb)
  • Hong Ran (Tracy Ran) (visiting graduate student 2009)
  • Musie Beyene (graduate student 2005-10)
  • Alisdair Wallis (graduate student 2006-09, post-doc 2010; subsequently post-doc at University of British Columbia and University College London; now working in the Commercial Science team at Tesco)
  • James Croft (graduate student 2008-12, subsequently post-doc at the University of Colorado; now at University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
  • Maja Lenz (Erasmus student 2014-15; now at Fritz-Haber Institute, Berlin)
  • Caroline Blackley (graduate student 2011-15)

The group is part of the Durham Atomic and Molecular Physics Group.

The group collaborates extensively with other related groups in the UK through CCP6, the EPSRC Collaborative Computational Project on Molecular Quantum Dynamics.

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