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Molecular-dynamics-news email list

Joining the molecular-dynamics-news email list

All members of the chemical physics community are invited to join the (free) “molecular-dynamics-news” email list. The “molecular dynamics” in the title is to be interpreted as meaning “dynamical processes in molecules” rather than “classical simulations of molecular motion”. The list can be used to distribute details of conferences, vacant academic and postdoctoral positions, changes of address and other news in the Molecular Dynamics field. It also serves as an archive of up-to-date email addresses for people in the field. The list was created in June 1993, and now has over 2000 members.

The list is coordinated by Jeremy Hutson (University of Durham). It was originally loosely associated with the Molecular Dynamics News Newsletter.

Instead of being maintained manually, the list is operated by a system called JISCmail. People can join or leave the list simply by sending messages to the JISCmail program, without the list owner needing to do anything. To join the email list, send a message to the Internet address [email protected] containing a line of the form:

join molecular-dynamics-news John F Kennedy

You do not need to tell the program your email address, as it picks it up from the message header. It does needs to be told your real name, so that it can maintain a useful list of email addresses.

When you join, you will receive some introductory information on how to circulate information to the molecular-dynamics-news list, and on the JISCmail system itself.

If you would like a list of the current members, send a message containing the line

review molecular-dynamics-news

to the address [email protected]

This page last modified 1 May 2010