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Molecular-dynamics-news email list

The molecular-dynamics-news electronic mailing list exists to facilitate communication among those interested in experimental and theoretical molecular dynamics (in the sense of dynamical studies of molecules, rather than classical dynamical simulations of ensembles). The topics covered include molecular collisions, photodissociation processes, clusters and complexes, etc. etc.

The list may be used for announcements of general interest to the community: conference announcements, faculty and postdoctoral positions vacant, new computer programs available etc. It is not intended that the email list should replace the paper version of MDN for announcements of papers in the field.

The list is coordinated by Jeremy Hutson (University of Durham). It is loosely associated with the Molecular Dynamics News Newsletter. However, it is not necessary to subscribe to Molecular Dynamics News itself to be a member of the email list.

Instead of being maintained manually, the list is operated by a system called JISCmail. People can join or leave the list simply by sending messages to the JISCmail program, without the list owner needing to do anything. For information on how to join the list, click here.

More information about the lists, including the current membership and archives of messages sent to the list, can be obtained from the JISCmail Web site by clicking here.

This page last modified 31 March 2005